Uncle Darrow's New Orleans Grill

This restaurant is one of my favorite places to go to. My Friends and I will go there for Happy Hour to catch up. The owner makes you feel part of the family. He personally greets his customers with Southern hospitality. The food are authentic southern dishes that has you coming back for more.

Big Easy Supper

This is enough to share for 2 light eaters. This is what my friend and I ordered to share. It has my favorite which is the fried oysters.

Fillet Catfish Po' Boy

This a meal that will fulfill your appetite. It is packed with fried catfish and full of flavor. My friend's son order this and he was satisfied.

Hurricane on the rocks

This our go-to drink. Because of the pandemic, it is now on the rocks in a bottle for you to take home.

Chicken Wing Supper

With 7 chicken wings bursting flavors, is a great meal on its own. The cornbread is amazing. My friend's son's girlfriend enjoyed her meal and made the owner happy that she liked it.

The cobbler

This is my favorite dessert. They have the peach cobbler and I think the apple cobbler. The peach cobbler tends to go out really quick. They are both really good and worth getting to end your meal.