My cousin and I decided to take a drive along Pacific Coast Highway towards San Diego. We decided we wanted to eat sushi for lunch.  We found a really cute place in San Marcos, CA. It’s located at the San Marcos University which thought was really cute area. Here are the items that we ordered for lunch.  One thing I would like to mention is that we thought we needed soy sauce for our sushi. We end up not using it one bit.


Baked Cauliflower

The Baked Cauliflower is a simple appetizer yet flavorful. I really enjoyed eating this greens. Even the presentation was simple. A good way to start your meal.


This is an interesting appetizer. It's an oyster & uni shooter. If you haven't had one before or know what a shooter is, it is a raw oyster and uni with a bit of alcohol and a small raw egg. If you don't have the stomach for it, it may not be for you. You're supposed to swallow it at once but for me I tried but the oyster made it a little challenging. For me it was good.

Spicy Tuna Canape

This dish is on the spicy side which is expected. A very delicious dish. It has just the right of seasoning with the fresh tuna. It has a little bit of a kick in every bite. A good choice if you like spicy.

Umami Special Plate

Sushi Muffin

This dish is one of our favorite. Inside is sesame seed, seaweed, krab meat, and massago. It is wrapped with salmon. Topped with black tobiko, micro green salad, edible flowers, fresh wasabi. The sauce is house dressing, mayo, eel sauce. The combination is amazing. We thought we would need the soy sauce. In this case, there was no need at all. Every bite just burst into your mouth.

Kaarage Bao

The filling for this Bao is Kaarage. It's a japanese fried chcken. We actually ordered this as a filler since our main craving was sushi. We probably didn't need to order since the sushi and appetizer was enough to fill us. We did eat at least one of them. I didn't have a picture of the other Bao was the Piggy Bao. It was filled with soy braised pork belly.

From the Sushi Bar

Truffle Hamachi

A simple dish consist with yellowtail sashimi, avocado, micro green salad with ponzu sauce and truffle oil. This combination is amazing. The yellowtail is extremely fresh that it melts in you mouth. It is our other favorite dish and is a popular dish.