If you are here visiting or planning to travel somewhere and you are near LAX, this is a place to stop by. The owner and staffs are extremely friendly. You get the small-town atmosphere where you feel at home. The food and drinks are phenomenal. The food menu is made by a local chef. The liquor is made at the spot by R6 Distillery which is known for its Bourbon selection and signature Caramel Whiskey - Carmela.

I went there on the day they re-open due to Pandemic regulations. What used to be side street parking is now an outdoor eating area. I got the pleasure to chat with the owner and took a selfie before being seated for lunch. It was a real nice day to have a nice drink and a delicious meal.

On every table, there is a bottle of hand sanitizer. The bottle of hand sanitizer is made at the distillery. This product became a temporary alternative during the mandatory closure of the taproom due to the pandemic. An unexpected item that is now part of the R6 Distillery.

The Gold Rush

A cocktail of R6 Bourbon, Lemon, and Wildflower Honey. This cocktail is refreshing and one of my favorite drinks. The Bourbon is distilled at the premise. The mixture of a good Bourbon, a hint of lemon and sweetened with wildflower honey gives an excellent taste.

Prosciutto and Brie Panini

This panini is my favorite so far. It's bursting with flavor on every bite. The combination of prosciutto and brie are perfect together. Your taste buds will appreciate the experience of eating this panini. While I was enjoying my meal, I overheard a person order the short ribs. I believe will be my next meal to try.

Sweet Wheat

This became one of my favorite drinks. It has maple syrup which gives that perfect sweet taste. Combined with R6 Wheat whiskey brings a perfect blend to enjoy.