La Nebbia Winery

My daughter and I came across this winery on our way to Half Moon Bay. It's on Highway 92 about 2 miles away from Main street. We had decided to stop by and check the place out with no regret. We needed wine for the 2 large lobsters that we just bought so I asked for suggestions about what wine would compliment the lobsters. I was really impressed with how great the wine taste with such low tannins. What has always been my issue with mass-produced wine is the tannins in it. I would always get a horrible headache from it. One of the main reasons I rarely drink wine.

When you enter the small shop, it gives you that home feeling. As if you are just dropping by at a friend's place saying hi. The staff are wonderful. They are very helpful and very friendly. It is worth the time to stopped by and look around.
I had the opportunity to meet one of the owners as well. Extremely nice and you overall feel welcomed. Normally on a beautiful day, you can have wine and snacks outside in their picnic grounds. Or just come by for wine tasting. I can't wait for when it will be finally open to experience that.

2019 Central Valley Negroamaro

I got this bottle for our steak that we plan to cook that night. I don't drink wine often since in the past it would give me a headache the next day. Later I found out that it's the tannin that causes the headaches. This red wine has low tannins and the taste is just right. Not too strong or too light. It is definitely perfect with a good steak. We did go back to get another bottle before they are out of it. Well worth it.

2017 Black Muscat

This is a unique Muscat wine. I bought this out of curiosity. The staff suggests mixing it with sparkling white wine or champagne to make Kir Fusion. It was a wonderful suggestion. It is a sweet wine that you would drink as a dessert wine.

California Sparkling Wine

The California Sparkling Wine reminded me of champagne. From opening the top wrapper and removing the wire and uncorking the bottle. It definitely gave the fizz once the cork was popped off. We bought this specifically to make mimosa with the Black Muscat. Before making the mimosa, I had to try it by itself. I love how it is light and crisp. Not dry like champagne. Later I found out that the drink I want to make is not mimosa but called Kir Fusion.

California Sparkling Wine & Black Muscat combined

Combining California Sparkling Wine & Black Muscat is a special treat. The two balance each other. The California Sparkling Wine brings down the Black Muscat's sweetness and brings a pleasant taste to your taste buds.
Overall, the selections the winery offers a great. Here's a toast to the winery for making their place unique and wonderful to visit every time.

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