While scouting around the bay area, we came across this cute restaurant in San Bruno area. It’s a Filipino restaurant that we came across by chance. What caught our attention was the large tent next to it. They used the parking space on the side to make outdoor dining available. When we entered to get a table, they did take our temperature before we can even get seated. Unfortunately they don’t have a website for me to share however they have an Instagram. Below is what we had for lunch.


This is a great appetizer. I had calmares before but not as light and tasty as this one. It is deep fried squid in a tasty batter.


We both had the rice plate called tocilog. It is sweet marinated pork with garlic rice and egg. Very tasty dish. I can tell that the tocino was made fresh. The dish included soup and a drink. It was enough to get full. 

Halo Halo

This extremely a treat. It is the dessert with the purple ice cream on top (Ube). It consist of corn, white beans, sweetened banana, macapuno, and nata de coco mixed with shaved ice and topped with ube ice cream and leche flan.


(Maja Blanca Brulee)

It’s a mix of coconut milk, sugar, cornstarch, kernel corn, and milk topped with latik (coconut milk custard)