Bubbles Travel at Alcatraz Island

I've been to this island a few times now. Each time I discover something different. There is a lot of history on this island other than it was a jail cell.

   Before Alcatraz was a jail site, there were native people living on the island.  They were the first people to occupy the island before America was discovered by the Europeans. 

      The first time we visit Alcatraz was when they first open after a few months of the Covid Pandemic. They had a special exhibit about the original people who lived on the island and the history throughout on how they lived and what the modern descendants of the island.

When you first arrive this is the first building you will see before docking. Immediately you feel the years of history of this island. You see how nature is taking over the land through time. 

Even though this is a small island, be prepared for a lot of walking and inclines. They do have a tram for those who can’t walk the inclines. 

There is a beautiful view in front of the prison building. You can see San Francisco across the bay and the famous Golden Gate Bridge. It is windy in the area so don't forget to bring a jacket just in case.

When we entered the prison building, it had a different atmosphere to it. The history and deterioration of the building reminds you of the isolation of the prison cells. Over all, there are signs of the island taking back to nature before man turned it into a prison island.

To get to Alcatraz, you will either take a tour package which briefly takes you to the island or sail pass it. You can also buy a ferry to the island and do a self tour. When you take the ferry, you will see the this image. It is a sight to go to even at least once. You’ll enjoy the history of the island and the nature of the island which habitats the island when there are no tourists visiting. If you are ever in town and would like to visit this island, you can reach us to book a ticket for the ferry to the island. Or go directly to the Alcatraz website.